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Local Area Network (LAN) Support

Local Area Network (LAN) Services



This is a designed service, tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. The service can include acquisition of LAN hardware or customers can provide current Cisco LAN infrastructure that OET will manage.


Features & Benefits

OET provides comprehensive local area network management, monitoring and incident management.

Customers using OET WAN services for connection to MNET can extend OET management and monitoring services across their local area network, including wireless access points. This provides a single management point for both wired and wireless IP connections to agency servers, printers, desktops, laptops or other wireless devices.


Getting Started

Talk to your account manager about your location requirements, connection speeds, premise equipment ownership options and other factors to help determine this solution's cost for your organization.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information



This is a customized service. Please contact your account manager for pricing details.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.