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Printer Server Management

Leverage shared printers to reduce the total number you need.



The Office of Enterprise Technology State of Minnesota (OET) Printer Server Support includes:

  • Configuration of the Printer Server for the printing device
  • Basic maintenance of the Printer Server for the device (e.g. installing updated printer drivers, change of default settings or options available - black and white vs. color printing, duplex printing, page separators, etc.)

Features & Benefits

A network (IP) connection is used to communicate between the Printer Server and the printing device, which allows an organization to readily share general purpose devices and/or control the use of specialized printing devices (such as plotters or color printers).


Getting Started

Please plan for the procurement and maintenance contracts of printer devices Additionally, the customer must provide the necessary printer drives for the printing device.

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$10.50/device per month

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.