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Storage & Backup

Preserve your intellectual property without interrupting daily business.



Automatically back-up and restore your files, directories and databases in a distributed environment to preserve your intellectual property without interrupting daily business.

Users of MNET (Minnesota's Network for Enterprise Technology) can subscribe to automated back-up services, which rely on redundancy and encryption to ensure all back-ups are safe and secure. This service also has alternate recovery site options should the primary data storage facility become inaccessible.


Features & Benefits

DASD Mainframe

  • Store your disks and virtual tape in a mainframe (zServer) environment
  • Usage of the Private Disk Pool for data managed by OET or customers
  • Complimentary tape backups are made weekly for changed data and inactive data is archived to tape for 15 days, then deleted if still not accessed
  • Mainframe virtual tape storage provides for two copies of the data; one local copy and one remote copy

Customer Owned Disc Storage

  • OET professionals can manage your SAN storage devices.
  • This service includes tape mounting service for data moving manually to/from OET.
  • Fault-tolerant storage, which offers protection from outages, is accomplished by striping data across multiple disk drives.
  • Services are offered in two tiers, to accommodate high and low speeds. Tier 1 (High Speed) SAN is connected by fiber channel and rotates at 15,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Tier 2 is best suited for storing information with a low rate of change overall and minimal reads.

SAN (Storage Area Network)

  • Completely managed SAN infrastructure service includes enterprise class automated data storage facility with complete backup off site for disaster recovery.
  • Archive business information in a highly available environment, fault tolerant environment that can be shared across agency systems
  • Tapeless backup and recovery services for open systems environment with distant (DR) replication and recoverability. In case of storage drive failures, Replacement of failed storage drives can occur during normal operation with no impact to data integrity. 
  • Tape mounting service for data manually moving between OET and customers.

Tape Cartridge

Tape Mount

Technology Recovery Testing


Getting Started

MN.IT Services have many options available to help you keep your data stored securely. Contact your account manager to discuss a custom solution that fits your business needs.

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This is a customized service. Please contact your account manager for pricing details.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.