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Application Hosting

Database systems that fit your business…from installation, design, and configuration, to 24/7 support.



No matter what data management infrastructure you use, we can analyze, design and maintain database systems that fit your business…from installation, design, and configuration to 24/7 support, including tools to create and manage sophisticated business websites.

We can help to plan, develop, and evaluate your information systems and provide customized solutions and service levels that fit your specific business needs. The MN.IT suite of services include:

Database Support

Our professionals provide support for Oracle, SQL, DB2 Supra and Sybase databases across multiple platforms. Services include:

  • Design and configuration
  • Software maintenance
  • Query reports
  • Performance metrics
  • Tuning
  • Expansion, reorganization and/or conversion of functions
  • Backup and recovery
  • Database monitoring

Enterprise Document Management System

OET's Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) offers a centralized management system for your business that efficiently and securely organizes, stores, retrieves, distributes and archives documents. This suite of applications provides a seamless, paperless workflow that manages the entire life-cycle of documents from creation to classification, through customer access and distribution, on to processing, approvals and archival retention — all in a single, secure repository.


Whether you need data for critical buinesss decisions or for regulatory audit compliance, e-Reporting can help you access information across multiple systems and publish the results quickly. e-Reporting works with an existing database or data source. 

With Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security and ACF2 access, you’re assured that your electronic documents are safe from unauthorized access, but still easily accessible to you. Printing, delivery and storage costs normally related to report sharing are greatly reduced, and that’s a double benefit for the environment and your budget.

Middleware (WebSphere)

Use this Java-based set of tools from IBM to connect your website users with Java applications (or servlets) that run on a centralized server. Servlets can replace traditional common gateway interface (CGI) scripts, and run much faster because all user requests run in the same process space. In addition to Java, WebSphere supports open standard interfaces such as the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). It is designed for use across different operating system platforms.

OET's Middleware Support Services provides quality optimization to help your system run smoothly on an ongoing basis. We can help design your Middleware system expressly for your unique business, beginning with customized plans and information systems. Our configuration experts can assist with the choice of software, firmware and documentation for high quality function and performance. We also provide technical support services.


Features & Benefits

OET professional IT design services can help you develop a system that's right for your business, and as with all MN.IT services, you get 24/7 OET Service Desk support and request fulfillment. Each hosting offers feature-rich benefits.

Database Support
  • High availability
  • Fixed rates based on CPU Cycle usage
  • Custom solutions using your hardware or OET-owned hardware
  • Choose to use OET hardware, or purchase your own.
Enterprise Document Management System
  • Searchable, customized document libraries use powerful indexing and cataloging functions that can access, standardize, validate and update data.
  • Web-based interfaces provide secure, easy access and management.
  • Significant budget savings in hardware, software, data storage and retrieval, maintenance and technical support costs through combined buying power.
  • Intra-agency sharing of information and infrastructure enables fast, efficient collaboration and business decisions, with cost reductions for statutory compliance.
  • Reduced security risks of agency and enterprise infrastructure.
  • Optional components can meet the unique needs of your business.
  • Business Process manager (BPM): Automate and streamline processes to manage the flow of work through your office and reduce queue time.
  • Enterprise Content Manager (ECM): An enterprise catalog for all your digital content with Active Content capabilities, across multiple user interfaces and applications.
  • Capture: Populate key index fields with scanned data. Convert paper into a business asset through intelligent classification and process automation.
  • eForms Manager: Design, use and process electronic forms that speed business decisions.
  • Records Manager: Manage document life cycle and create audit trails for legal and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • OET Service Desk support is available 24/7 to report technical support issues.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and ACF2 software provide secure online access to data on mainframe, Windows, or web platforms
  • Data-mining and export capabilities to TXT, WORD, HTML and other formats
Middleware (WebSphere)
  • Configuration management
  • Incident management
  • Continuous service improvements
  • Security
  • Technical support

Getting Started

Our IT Design Professional Services are available to help evaluate your current or future system  needs to plan and develop a custom solution. Contact your Account Manager for more information and details about licenses, platforms and timelines.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information



These are customized services. please contact your account manager for pricing details.

EDMS Professional Services:

  • IT Senior Professional  103.00 /hour

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.