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IP Telephony-Hosted

Converting traditional phones to an IP-Telephony/VoIP infrastructure saves money and increases flexibility.



Save costs and increase the flexibility of your traditional phone service by converting traditional phone installations to an IP-Telephony/VoIP infrastructure carried over OET's existing data network.

IP-Telephony is a unified communication service that treats all communications—phone calls, faxes, voice mail, e-mail, Web conferences and more—as data that can be delivered to any handset, including cell phones. It runs both voice and data communications over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs.

Flexibility is increased because IP-Telephony does not require closed architectures: additional extensions and other modifications can be made with minimal fuss.

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Features & Benefits

  • IP Telephony uses bandwidth more efficiently.
  • Low costs relative to traditional phone service because calls are billed like Internet data (by the megabyte), which is generally less expensive.
  • Running voice and data communications over a single network can significantly reduce infrastructure costs.
  • User interfaces are intuitive and simple configurations changes are easy, offering flexibility and customization to users.  

Getting Started

Please contact your account manager about getting started with this service.

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This is a designed service, please contact your Account Manager for pricing details.

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