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Long Distance

No matter where you are, Long Distance, toll-free numbers,
calling cards and authorization codes can help your business 
stay connected with employees and with customers 24/7.



Long Distance services from OET include:

  • Dedicated Long Distance, which places outbound long-distance calls over a dedicated connection,
  • Switched Long Distance that is carried on public connections.
  • Toll-free, 800 and 900 services: Toll-free services connects your callers to you at no cost to them. Toll-Free Service routes your incoming calls to the right place, usually without any special equipment. Toll-free can work with the latest technology, offering a single entry point into a wide range of OET voice business applications, such as Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Contact Center Minnesota, a hosted IP solution.
  • Calling Cards
  • Authorization codes

Your Account Manager can help you find the right combination to fit your business needs.


Features & Benefits

  • Buy at competitive rates - OET obtains low rates from the telephone companies by aggregating demand and negotiating contracts. Buying into a shared solution lowers incremental costs for each customer.
  • Easy, centralized ordering and billing - OET receives all billing data or invoices from the telephone companies, pays centrally, and creates a single easy-to-read bill for each customer.
  • 24/7 Support - OET’s Service Desk works in conjunction with the telephone companies and is on constant duty to resolve troubles and support your organization’s voice services.
  • Toll-free, 800 and 900 service available
  • Receive toll fraud education and investigation - Knowledgeable OET staff regularly review the telephone company invoices; researching misuse and fraud when necessary; we also offer a wealth of information on preventative measures and detection.
  • No contracts or minimums.
  • Calling cards, p repaid cards and authorization codes are available.

Getting Started

Please contact your Account Manager today to see how OET Long Distance can help your business stay connected.

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This is a designed service, please contact your Account Manager for pricing details.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.