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A cost-effective telephone service available in certain areas, Centrex can help your organization connect throughout Qwest territory in Minnesota



Centrex Services include Centrex, Business and Residential lines, access to a local dial tone, and other customized features.

Service types offer a host of additional customized features at no charge, as well as monthly subscriptions. Additional services available include Caller ID service, enhanced service features, and intercept.

OET offers this service to State agencies, the Legislature, local government, and educational organizations.


Features & Benefits

  • Centrex comes configured with many features at no additional charge.

  • Lines are set up with state long distance services.

  • Let OET handle the billing, service orders, and repairs.

  • Centrex from other telephone companies outside Qwest locations are also available. Local Service Offerings vary depending on location.


Getting Started

Obtaining the telephone set and cabling for a Centrex line station is the customer's responsibility.

Contact your organization’s purchasing group for information on state contracts available for telephone equipment and cabling.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information