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Spam and Virus Filtering

Anti-Spam and Anti-virus filtering helps protect your organization from malicious content that is distributed by email.



The ability to scan email content for viruses and unwanted “junk” mail - or "spam" - has become a critical function of an email infrastructure. Spam can slow down email systems (due to their sheer volume), and if the content contains viruses, servers and end-user computers are at-risk.


Features & Benefits

The “edge” appliances available through MN-IT accept or deny emails based on the senders IP address. This approach quickly eliminates many known spam sources.

Next, messages are examined by anti-spam and anti-virus software to determine if they contain unwanted content. Messages failing this test are placed in quarantine and the recipients are notified, so they can determine if they want the content.

Messages are also scanned for content that may be harmful to a computer, or should be blocked because of an attachment’s file extension (e.g. .exe, .vbs. etc.).

Accepted messages are relayed to the appropriate customer for delivery to the recipient(s).



$1.20 /month for each mailbox

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.