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Messaging Directory

Anti-SPAM/anti-virus perimeter message protection, directory listings and secure email for executive branch agencies.



OET’s Messaging Directory service is available for  executive branch agencies only. The service includes:

  • Anti-spam/anti-virus message protection
  • Secure email service and 
  • Government employee directory


OET's anti-spam/anti-virus service provides “perimeter message protection” by scanning email contents as they arrive from the internet, before they are delivered to the destination email system. As the first line of defense, this “perimeter” service filters email from the internet for known spam senders, characteristics or attachments with file extensions such as .exe or .vbs. Suspect emails are held in quarantine for 14 days and recipients are notified.  

Each month, an average of 10 million messages containing spam or viruses are caught and deleted by this perimeter protection. That's nearly 97% of all the messages that pass through the state's email system.

Secure Email

This service provides a way for users to send an email message containing non-public information to someone outside the state system, using security that protects the contents of the message from disclosure.

Government White Pages

The Government White Pages, located on Minnesota's state website, provide directory listings for all employees of executive branch agencies. Listings include employee names, telephone numbers and email addresses.


Features & Benefits

  • Protects the State's email infrastructure from viruses and unwanted “junk” mail - also known as “spam.”

  • Government White Pages provide access to contact information for agency employees and citizens.

  • Offers additional email security with the ability to send encrypted emails.



$2.00/user per month, including all components in the service.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.