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EUCC Email

Connect with Minnesota government with a single, common email directory.



EUCC Email is a powerful collaborative tool that inter-connects Minnesota public sector organizations with a single, common directory.  This enables employees to communicate effectively, be more productive and succeed in meeting their missions. EUCC email provides 5 GB of mailbox storage per user and brings standard email operations, plus state-of-the-art enterprise security to all customers.


Features & Benefits

EUCC Email leverages a multi-data center infrastructure for high-availability and disaster recovery purposes. It is based on a Microsoft Exchange 2010 messaging platform.

The additional service options with EUCC include:

Additional Storage - The monthly user fee for EUCC Email provides access to a feature rich email and calendar system with 5 Gigabytes (GB) of mailbox storage. This option provides an additional 20 GB of mailbox storage (resulting in 25 GB in total).

BlackBerry Service – BlackBerry devices can be configured to help public sector workers keep track of emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and more while on-the-go.

Email Archiving - This service offers supplemental email storage that can be configured from "1-day" to "infinite." Archived data is backed-up for disaster recovery purposes, and messages are retained outside the email system to ensure preservation.



EUCC Email Service Rates:

(Service Rate) $6.25/month for each user mailbox
Includes 5 GB of mailbox storage
(License Rate) $2.25/month for each user
(Total Rate) $8.50/month for each user - This only applies to customers who do not have the necessary Microsoft Exchange Client Access Licenses (CALs).

BlackBerry Support - $6.75/device/month
Additional Email Storage - $6.00/mailbox/month for an additional 20 GB (25 GB total)
Email Archiving - $2.50/mailbox/month

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.