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Email Archiving

This service can help you meet your business needs for data retention and e-discovery.  Since data is retained in a centralized system, you are assured the content cannot be modified or deleted by end-users.



We understand the various data retention needs of different organizations, which are based on specific business and legal requirements. This MN_IT service provides a flexible email archiving solution to meet your business needs.

This optional service includes the following capabilities:

Capture - Message journaling ensures that every message sent and received for specific users or an entire organization is captured in a secure, centrally managed system
Retain - Custom-defined retention policies can meet your business needs, and includes legal hold to keep data beyond its original retention period
Search - allows Archive Investigators to search all of an organization’s content in the archive, and end-users to only search their content


Features & Benefits

Email archiving service includes:

Utilizes “Message Journaling” to capture inbound and outbound email, and preserve it for quick access from a centrally-managed location at a later date,

e-Discovery search tools that are embedded into the system

The ability to search thousands of email records, which can be useful for internal investigations or for court-ordered legal discoveries




For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.