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Video Streaming Subscription

Hosting videos on our servers give you enough bandwidth to "broadcast" live videos directly to your users' computers screens.



  • Your audio and video content on public affairs, informational and education topics can be delivered across IP networks.

  • OET's core network and high-capacity redundant Internet connections support bandwidth needs for viewing streaming content.

  • Streaming media solutions use compressed video and audio signals to send a continuous one-way stream.

  • Videos can be viewed on networked personal computers using QuickTime, RealPlayer, or Windows Media video players.

  • All MNET (Minnesota's Network for Enterprise Telecommunications) participants have access to this service.


Features & Benefits

  • Multi-cast streaming can be done across the State network.
  • The State network ensures efficient content distribution.


This is a customized service. Please contact your account manager for pricing details.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.