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Implementation Plan Policy

Agencies and information resource communities shall develop long-range implementation plans based on information resource models that identify potential information resource development projects. At least annually, agencies and information resource communities shall review the sequence and purpose of the plans and, if necessary, modify them to account for changes in business strategies or priorities, and changes in statutory policy that affect access to and dissemination of the organization's information resources. The implementation plans shall be the primary determinant of how agencies and information resource communities allocate their development resources and requests for legislative appropriations.

Information resource development projects that have a well-defined scope and plan shall be conducted after costs, benefits, and risks have been analyzed including the effects the project will have on other units of government and privacy and other related rights of citizens. Information resource development projects shall be conducted and evaluated using appropriate project management tools, financial and schedule controls, development methodologies and tools, and policies and procedures that pay attention to the project's compliance with statutory policies and requirements.