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New YouTube content license agreements for state governments

July 17, 2012

The National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) has negotiated special usage terms with YouTube for state government entities. 

NASCIO’s Social Media Legal Workgroup identified issues in YouTube’s standard terms in the areas of indemnification, governing law, and jurisdiction, outlining a fairly significant degree of risk for state governments.

Following a lengthy negotiation, YouTube agreed to provide mediated access to all state government entities to new click-through agreements, in the form of a revised content license agreement.  These terms were negotiated with Google (YouTube’s parent company) and resolved the legal issues noted above.

MN.IT Services will administer the new YouTube content license agreement on behalf of all state agencies in partnership with NASCIO. MN.IT Services will be working with state agency communication directors to institute a standardized process for adoption and maintenance of the license agreements.  Questions can be addressed to