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IT Master Plan 2012

April 26, 2012

The business drivers that will lead State of Minnesota IT strategies through the next biennium are citizen-centric, end-user friendly, reform-focused and ultimately aimed at better government.

These business needs for state government IT were identified in a strategic planning process that included input from executive branch agency leadership, as well as IT employees and management. The results are outlined in the new Master Plan, published April 23.

The State’s IT Master Plan is required by the legislature and is the State CIO’s foundation for all IT planning. Updated biennially, The Master Plan updates are designed to correspond with the the State's operating budget cycle, assuring coordination between policy decisions and the systems investments which enable and support implementation of business direction.

The current plan provides a strategic framework for enterprise information management that effectively delivers citizen-centric services and programs. It will be used by MN.IT Services as the foundation for all tactical planning and prioritization of IT services, projects and operations.

In particular, the business needs driving information technology strategies in the 2012 Master Plan include:

  • Improving the state’s business climate and quality of life through better government service
  • Simplifying the end-user’s experience with government
  • Fostering interactive democracy
  • Promoting smart government
  • Facilitating government reform
  • Making the State of Minnesota an employer of choice
  • Ensuring that government and citizen data is protected and the business of government never stops