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Introducing MN.IT Services!

April 25, 2012

As of Monday April 23, the newly consolidated State of Minnesota IT organization has a new name – we are MN.IT Services!

This change of identity reflects and acknowledges changes brought about by the law passed in 2011 to consolidate the State of Minnesota’s executive branch IT functions under the Office of Enterprise Technology, now MN.IT Services. The law created a single IT organization that is accountable for all IT decisions and spending throughout state government. 

In addition to its increased role within the executive branch, MN.IT will continue to serve a wide range of government entities throughout the state.

MN.IT’s approach to what is one of the largest reorganizations of state government in Minnesota history, has been multi-phased and focused around collaboration and ongoing communication with agency partners and IT employees throughout the State.
In order to meet the aggressive timeline included in the legislation with as little business disruption as possible, the first stage of consolidation was to create a structure within existing agencies that gives agency CIOs delegated authority from the State CIO to manage all IT budgets and activity in their agencies.
Within this model, agency CIOs have created plans to centralize all IT staff and functions in a common manner, in order to facilitate shared services and further consolidation at the enterprise level, publishing in early March, an Agency Centralized IT Reference Model that creates a common service vocabulary and functional structure. The reference model will also be used to develop template service level agreements for all IT services, and through an iterative process, final service level agreements will be negotiated and signed in late June.
As part of becoming a unified IT service provider, this new enterprise organization has adopted a new name and mission that captures its scope as one that is statewide and service-based.

As MN.IT Services, our mission will be to provide high quality, secure and cost-effective information technology that meets the business needs of government, fosters innovation, and improves outcomes for the people of Minnesota.

Both our the name – MN.IT Services – and our newly released State of Minnesota Master Plan For Information Technology and Communications emphasize the service we provide to Minnesota government in understanding and meeting the needs of business, promoting smarter government, and fostering innovation through shared service and enterprise solutions.