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'Gateway' Presents Business Solution

April 25, 2012
Cost savings tied to service upgrades are touching the lives of hundreds more state employees as the benefits of shared services take hold in St. Cloud, Ely, and other areas of the state.

In late 2011 and early 2012, Department of Revenue (DOR) offices in Saint Cloud and Ely were converted to the Greater Minnesota Gateway, a network that helps the State provide phone service to employees at offices outside of the Twin Cities metro area.

Joining the Gateway allows the St. Cloud and Ely DOR office phones to be mapped down to the area of the building in which they’re located. This location information is registered with 911 services, so there will be less confusion should emergency responders need to pinpoint the location of a distress call.

In addition, the Ely and Saint Cloud DOR employees are now able to make long-distance calls to other state offices without incurring long-distance charges.

Caller ID service was also added in Ely.

Recent contract renewals presented the right timing for the introduction of these business solutions. According to MN.IT Services product managers, the conversion should pay for itself and the cost savings on long-distance charges will keep rolling in.

The service upgrades offered through the Gateway are also being extended to about 50 more employees at DOR offices in Duluth, Eveleth and Brainerd in the coming months.