OAH Mediation Attorney Information Sheet

  1. Who do I contact with questions about OAH Mediation?

    Judge Rolf Hagen
    (651) 361-7860
    Judge Jane Gordon Ertl
    (651) 361-7859
    Judge Cheryl LeClair-Sommer
    (651) 361-7866
    Judge Adam Wolkoff
    (651) 361-7946
    Legal Support Julie Matz
    (651) 361-7897
    Legal Secretary Margaret Isleman
    (651) 361-7884
  2. How do I request OAH Mediation? 
    1. Download the OAH Mediation Request Form
    2. Complete Request Form. 
    3. File with OAH Mediation by mail or fax. 
    4. Call a legal support staff person listed above to obtain a date & time for mediation.
  3. What happens to the progress of the case while it is in mediation?
    If mediation is scheduled, the case will remain in the same status. Contact the Block Assigned Judge to request a change in status. The block assigned Judge must approve any change or delay in the hearing date. 
  4. How are Requests processed in OAH Mediation? 
    1. OAH assigns a mediation number upon receipt of the Request for Mediation. 
    2. Please Use the Mediation Number for subsequent filing. 
    3. A letter, by mail or e-mail, will confirm the scheduled conference call (if any), date of the Mediation, date for submission of documents, and date for submission of Confidential Mediation Statements.
  5. How do I file documents with OAH Mediation, including Confidential Mediation Statements? 
    1. ALL OAH Mediation files are maintained separately from Imaging files and all other filings at OAH. 
    3. OAH Mediation submissions, such as medical records, vocational records or other documents, may be filed by mail or delivered. These must be in an envelope with a cover letter, each marked in large bold type “OAH MEDIATION.” 
    4. OAH Confidential Mediation Statements MUST be filed by e-mail to insure that these remain confidential. Please do not send your Confidential Mediation Statements to the Department of Labor & Industry or OAH P.O. Box or street address. 
    5. Only judges and their legal support staff in the OAH Mediation Division will open OAH Mediation mail. 
    6. All OAH Mediation documents will be kept in a locked file cabinet, only accessible to OAH mediation judges and their legal support staff. 
  6. Where will mediations be held and who must attend? 
    1. OAH Worker’s Compensation courtrooms and conference rooms are available for mediations. Please check the daily calendar upon arrival. Proceed to the designated room. 
    2. All parties must attend in person. Out-of-state parties may attend by telephone by agreement of the parties and the judge. 
    3. All parties must appear prepared and with authority to fully participate in the mediation and engage in meaningful settlement negotiations. 
  7. What happens when the case settles, or does not settle? 
    1. Parties submit a Stipulation for Settlement to OAH. 
    2. If the case is block assigned, that Judge will review the Stipulation; if not block assigned, the Stipulation will be placed on rotation for review. 
    3. If the case does not settle, the case will proceed in the same status as previously, unless the parties notify the Block Assigned Judge of a request to change status.