Hearing Room

Workers' Compensation

Judges in the Workers’ Compensation Division conduct pretrial and trial level functions associated with claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Those functions include ruling on motions, conducting settlement and pretrial conferences, mediations and trials, and issuing awards and final decisions.

The OAH conducts hearings in locations across Minnesota — most often in one of six “Hub Cities”: Duluth, Walker, Alexandria, Mankato, Rochester and Saint Paul.

Budget: The workers compensation program is funded from the Special Compensation Fund through a biennial appropriation of $14.5 million. No General Funds are used.

Beginning immediately, please use the following number when faxing documents to the Office of Administrative Hearings: 651-539-0300. By March 1, 2014 the previous fax number will no longer transmit. Thank you for your prompt attention to this detail.