Referring Agencies

Judges from the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) hear a wide variety of cases. In general, matters are referred to OAH from the following types of governmental entities: 

  1. Individual licensing for state boards, for example: Board of Dentistry, Board of Medical Practice, and Board of Nursing.

    Licensing for larger state agencies, for example: Department of Commerce for real estate, insurance and banking licensing, Department of Labor and Industry for business licensing, or the Department of Human Services for day care licensing. 

  2. Appeals from agency decisions on permitting applications; for example: Department of Natural Resources or the Pollution Control Agency.

  3. Appeals concerning state government programs, for example: special education in schools, campaign violations, complaints for elections, and sex offender risk level assessments

  4. Cities, Counties, Municipalities, for example: municipal boundary adjustment hearings, cities of South St. Paul and West St. Paul for community court cases -- nuisance cases, parking violations. 

  5. Workers’ compensation cases.

For our clients, OAH conducts hearings, mediations and settlement conferences. In addition, OAH Judges have been requested by cities, town boards and public entities to facilitate large public meetings. The OAH Judges make both written recommendations and final written decisions and makes a complete record of the proceedings.

If you have a situation wherein the OAH services may add some benefit to you and your agency, organization, or public meeting and you think OAH could be of assistance, please contact us. The OAH is happy to discuss your needs and determine if OAH services would be of benefit to you and your stakeholders.