Filing Fees

Minn. Stat. Chap. 13.085, Subd. 2 (c) requires that the complaint must be made in writing, submitted under oath, and set out the factual basis that a violation of law has occurred. The statute also requires that the complaint be accompanied by a filing fee of $1,000 or a bond to guarantee the payment of this fee. Under the statute, the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) must refund the filing fee of a substantially prevailing complainant in full, less $50, and the cost incurred by OAH in this matter will be billed to the respondent, not to exceed $1,000. However, if the Complainant does not substantially prevail on the merits of the proceeding, only the amount above the costs incurred by OAH will be refunded. Further, if the Administrative Law Judge determines that the complaint is frivolous or brought for purposes of harassment, the Complainant is not entitled to a refund of the filing fee.