Notice to Subjects of Data

Notice to Subjects of Data Affected by a Data Practices Complaint If you have not filed a complaint with our office about a possible data practices violation, but you:

  1. received a notice stating that a data practices complaint filed with our office could result in the disclosure of certain data about you; or 

  2. know that a complaint has been filed with our office which could result in the disclosure of certain data about you;

you should know that merely being the subject of government data, by itself, does not make you a party to the complaint process.

Only parties to the proceedings are permitted to submit evidence, question witnesses and make legal arguments during the hearing process.

Persons other than the Complainant or the Respondent agency can request party status by filing a written motion. A "Motion for Intervention" should detail your interest in the controversy and what rights, if any, will be impacted if you are not part of the proceedings.

Motions for Intervention must include the case name and docket number and be served upon the other parties to the proceedings.

For more information about this process, you may contact a staff attorney at the Office of Administrative Hearings at (651) 361-7837.