Contested Case Proceedings Guide

This guide has been prepared by the Office of Administrative Hearings in cooperation with the Office of the Attorney General.


This guide explains how the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) conducts its administrative contested case proceedings. It is a general guide to many of the legal requirements that apply to those hearings. But there are many other requirements of the law that apply to individual cases. Employees of OAH may not provide legal advice to agencies, organizations, or people involved in its hearings. This guide should not be considered a substitute for having a lawyer. The decision about whether you want a lawyer to represent you in an administrative contested case proceeding is extremely important and must always be made carefully.

This brochure is an introduction to how administrative contested case proceedings are conducted at OAH. Although contested case proceedings are not as formal as court trials, there are still a number of statutes and rules that parties must observe when involved in administrative hearings, including many that this brochure does not specifically discuss. Those statutes and rules apply to all parties whether they have lawyers or are handling their cases themselves. You can obtain copies at the places indicated in this brochure. Your particular case also involves other laws and rules that prompted the government agency to start this contested case proceeding. So you may wish to consider having a lawyer represent you at your hearing.