2013 Pre-conference Intensives

Many Pre-conference intensives are being offered on Monday, June 17th, 8 – 11 a.m.  Most are being offered free of charge. 

To attend one or more Pre-conference intensives, you must register. The registration information is unique to each intensive. Information about “how to register” is provided for each intensive. An email for the DHS sponsor for each session is provided should you have questions.

Approved Pre-conference intensive offerings include:


Contact the specific DHS Sponsor identified for Pre-conference intensive session you have questions about. OR email Odyssey Conference at DHS.OdysseyConference@state.mn.us, or call the Odyssey hotline, 1-800-882-6262.  

Beyond the Summary Page: Harnessing the Power of Waiver Management Systems (WMS)

Horizon Room 205, Harbor side

INTERMEDIATE - Completion of new user training on the use of DD and/or CCB WMS 3.1 or permission of presenters

Description: Aggregate management of home and community based disability waiver resources requires consistent and aggressive monitoring of service authorizations and expenditures as well as the exploration of cost-effective ways of delivering services to meet waiver recipients’ assessed needs. This session will provide lead agency disability waiver decision-makers who are experienced users of WMS with an opportunity to obtain scheduled one-to-one technical assistance from Regional Resource Specialists about optimal use of information from their DD and CCB waiver management systems, and a chance for structured round-table discussion with staff from other lead agencies. Strategies for long and short-term planning using data from built-in reports and simulation/modeling functions also will be discussed.

Participants will:

  • Gain an increased understanding of how WMS data can be used to guide decision-making about waiver resources
  • Have an opportunity to network with WMS users from other lead agencies

Presenters: Annette Guetter, regional resource specialist, Theresa Mustonen, regional resource specialist, both from DHS, Disability Services Division

DHS Sponsors: Annette Guetter (annette.guetter@state.mn.us) and Theresa Mustonen (theresa.mustonen@state.mn.us)

Target Audience: Lead agency waiver staff who are experienced users of the DD and CCB Waiver Management Systems and need to use WMS data for making decisions about use of waiver resources. Participants must bring their keyfobs and laptops equipped for wireless internet.

How to Register: Register via TrainLink at http://www.dhs.state.mn.us/Training; OR CONTACT either theresa.mustonen@state.mn.us, 218-825-2151, OR annette.guetter@state.mn.us, 507-342-2282

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Caregiver Consultant Refresher Training ($15 fee)

Horizon Room 202, Harbor side

INTERMEDIATE - Completion of the two-day Caregiver Coaching Basic Skills Training using the state-owned curriculum.

Description: This session highlights the 2012 updates to the MBA Caregiver Coaching Basic Training curriculum and provides an opportunity to practice them using new tools. This training will address common challenges and key theories for supporting caregivers, cultural considerations, using caregiver assessment to identify strategies and services for supporting caregivers, and an introduction to dementia capability training. A fee of $15 will be charged to cover the costs of the manual. A continental breakfast is available before the session begins. CEUs will be available for social workers and nurses.

Presenters: Elaine Spain, aging services planner, Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging, Inc; Heidi Haley-Franklin, associate program director-clinical services, Alzheimer's Association of Minnesota-North Dakota

DHS Sponsor: Sue Wenberg (Sue.wenberg@state.mn.us)

Target Audience: This session is intended for Caregiver Consultants who have completed the MBA Caregiver Consultant Basic Skills training and provide direct and ongoing support to family caregivers, and Area Agencies on Aging.

How to Register: Contact Erica Gahlon, Minnesota River AAA, Inc., about registration and payment at Erica@rndc.org or 507-389-8879 Ext. 879.

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Family Memory Care

St. Louis River Room, City side

ADVANCED - This session is limited to Current Family Memory Care providers.

Description: Dr. Terry Barclay, Clinical Director, Health Partners Neuropsychology and the Family Memory Care program, will address complex behavioral and communication issues challenging families who care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Dr. Barclay will offer information about how FMC Consultants can provide resources and strategies to caregivers to enhance their support network in order to lower their risk of burn-out. Additional Information presented includes: a) Individual caregiver cases for discussion; and b) Data showing the impact on participating caregivers from project inception to the present.

Participants will:

  • Identify strategies to address specific family communication styles
  • Learn strategies to offer caregivers that help them deal with behavior issues of Person with Dementia
  • Understand outcomes of Minnesota’s implementation of the evidenced-based Family Memory Care service on caregivers.

Presenters: Terry Barclay, Ph.D., clinical director, Health Partners Neuropsychology

DHS Sponsor: Donna Walberg (Donna.K.Walberg@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register by emailing Nancy Lee at Nancy.Lee@state.mn.us.

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Generations in the Workplace

Horizon Room 203, Harbor side


Description: With four generations currently represented in the workplace, challenges to working effectively across generations are presented to line staff and managers alike. This class will provide a brief overview of the formative events that occurred for each generation and point to the effects of those generational events on each generation in the workplace. Some consideration will be given to the pluses as well as the minuses that each generation brings, and to the kinds of messages that successfully motivate members of each generational cohort.

Presenters: Ouida Crozier, coordinator for diversity & cultural competency, DHS, Equal Opportunity & Access Division

DHS Sponsor: Bev Milotzky (bev.milotzky@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

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Health Care Home—Minnesota Style

Ballroom 303, Harbor side


Description: What is a Health Care Home? For who is it intended? Is access to an office-based nurse case manager what individuals want, no matter age or ability? How do persons with disabilities of all ages view their role in collaborating with health care homes? This session will explore these questions and more. Intensive participants will learn more about what is health care homes from multiple viewpoints, and have an opportunity to discuss with experts the potential impact on consumers, caregivers and providers.

Presenters: Mark Schulz (moderator), health care home coordinator, DHS, Aging and Adult Services; Marie Maes-Voreis, health care homes lead, Minnesota Department of Health; Nancy Flinn, COO, Courage Center; Sarah Keenan, Bluestone Physician Services

DHS Sponsor: Mark Schulz (Mark.schulz@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

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HIV and Aging: Updates in Prevention and Care

Gooseberry Falls 2, City side


Description: HIV/AIDS prevalence continues to grow and as the population continues to age. By 2015, estimates indicated that over half of the people living with HIV/AIDS will be over 50! There are challenges both medically, including prevention, and with respect to service provision. This session will review HIV-related issues specifically encountered as people age. Issues covered include epidemiology of HIV and aging, prevention of infection, HIV as a chronic illness, and the cumulative health effects of aging and HIV.
Participants will: 

  • Define what it means to be an older person with HIV
  • List prevention issues specifically faced by older people at risk for HIV
  • Explore health issues faced by people with HIV as they age
  • Explore HIV-related concerns for the person over 50 years of age newly infected with HIV.

Presenter: Brian Goodroad, DNP, RN, CNP

DHS Sponsor: Mary Grandy (mary.m.grandy@state.mn.us)

Target Audience: nurses, advanced practice nurses, physicians, case managers, physician assistants interested in learning more about age-related issues in HIV disease.

How to Register: Contact Andy Ansell by email andy.ansell@state.mn.us or call 651-431-2398 to register

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Split Rock 1, City side

INTERMEDIATE - Participants need to have a basic understanding about MnCHOICES including its purpose, the roles of the lead agencies and which stakeholders and staff are impacted.

Description: A working session for lead agency staff who want to get up-to-date on MnCHOICES, have discussions with their colleagues from across the state, get questions to their answers and strategies for their concerns.

Presenters: Cathy Griffin, MnCHOICES training lead, Nancy Jurgensen, MnCHOICES policy lead, both of DHS, Disability Services Division

Target Audience: Administrators in lead agencies who are responsible for long-term services and supports and lead agency staff who are or will be certified assessors.

How to Register: To register for this Preconference Intensive, submit an email to DHS.Mnchoices@state.mn.us. Put “Odyssey Preconference Intensive” on the subject line.
In the body of your email, please include: your name, title, agency, and email address. Registrants are encouraged to either 1) indicate up to three topic areas they would like to discuss with colleagues (such as: staffing, workflow/process, funding, assurances, social services and public health not under same umbrella, how to support staff during training and certification, or others); OR 2) list up to three questions you have about MnCHOICES.

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Offerings of Hope for Older Adults with Depression

Ballroom 304, Harbor side

BASIC - Participants should have knowledge/familiarity regarding health, social and psychological issues impacting older adults.

Description: Good news! We can all expect to live longer lives. Yet, as this population swells, the number of older adults living with depression grows. Untreated depression is a serious public health problem and a risk factor for suicide. A keynote speaker will dispel the myths about depression in older adults, educate us about how older adults present themselves when they are depressed and examine the barriers to receiving care. An interactive sharing session will occur among attendees, followed by a panel presentation about three innovative community-based screening/intervention programs that are targeting both English and non-English speaking older adults.
Participants will:          

  • Understand the myths and realities about depression in the older adult population
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of depression specific to the older population
  • Learn about several innovative depression screening/intervention programs using community based case managers
  • Identify the benefits of clinic and home based mental health therapy for older adults experiencing mental illness.

Presenters: Catherine Johnson, PsyD LP, Associated Clinic of Psychology; Marjorie Sigel, MSW, LICSW, mental health specialist, Chris Rosenthal, LISW, both from Jewish Family Service of St. Paul; Renee Kreter, MHS, peer support coordinator, Elder Network; Joan Stauffer, LICSW, CSW-G, Volunteers of America; John Selstad (moderator), Selstad and Associates

DHS Sponsor: Britt Bassoni (david.bassoni@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

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Practical Advice from Successful Communities for a Lifetime

French River 1, City side

BASIC - Some knowledge of the concept of communities for a lifetime and/or experience trying to create a community for a lifetime.

Description: An important theme for much of the work of the continuing care administration is the concept of communities for a lifetime (CFL). We want every community to be a good place to grow up and to grow old, and good for all residents. Aging 2030, an initiative that is preparing the state for the aging of its population over the next 20 years, has five themes to guide this preparation.  One of these is the need to  foster communities for a lifetime to that all of our communities are good places to grow up and grow old, and include physical, social and service features that make them more complete CFLs. This pre-conference session will showcase success stories from communities around the state that provide examples of how to develop various features of CFLs, and the common themes that other communities can apply to successfully develop their community’s assets.
Participants will:

  • Learn how data can be used to inform a CFL planning and assessment process
  • Understand the type of physical infrastructure changes in the built environment that communities can make to encourage active living
  • Learn how the community’s social connections can be fostered to build community across generations
  • Learn about how city/county partnerships can be used to expand the range of amenities and critical features within local communities

Presenters: LaRhae Knatterud (moderator), director, DHS, Aging Transformation; Gil Penalosa (discussant), executive director, 8 to 80 Cities; Jess Luce, communities for a lifetime supervisor, Dakota County; Lynn Haglin, program director, Northland Foundation-Duluth, Age to Age; Todd Monson, area director, Hennepin County, Human Services and Public Health; Jill Chamberlain, senior project manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Center for Prevention

DHS Sponsor: LaRhae Knatterud (larhae.knatterud@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

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Signing On: Stories of Deaf Breast Cancer Survivors

Ballroom 301 & 302, Harbor side


Description: Signing On, is a film about a group of Minnesota Deaf women who find their way in the hearing-dominated world of the American healthcare system. Participants will get a rare glimpse into the lives of deaf breast cancer survivors, including doctor appointments. The “star” of the film is Anita Buel, a 30-year survivor of cancer and founder of the Pink Deafies, the only breast cancer support group for Deaf women in the country. This is an opportunity to learn what deaf people want from their health care providers, not what health care providers think their deaf patients want! The film is both informative and touching.

Participants will:

  • Identify and discuss multiple challenges from perspective of oncologists, deaf patients, and interpreters
  • Be able to identify Deaf culture norms that can cause miscommunication between caregivers and deaf patients
  • Have a better understanding of the impact of linguistic and cultural barriers on a patient's understanding of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and medications.

Presenters: Anita Buel, deaf community health worker, CHW, HCMC; Marty Barnum, ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman for Long Term Care

DHS Sponsor: Marty Barnum (marty.barnum@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

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Structured Decision Making for APS: Uniting Research and Practice

Gooseberry Falls 3, City side

Session participants should have basic knowledge of adult protection processes. No prior knowledge of SDM systems is required.

Description: The Structured Decision Making (SDM) system is an evidence-based set of assessments that help APS workers focus their interviews with vulnerable adults and organize the information they collect to make more accurate and consistent case recommendations. Minnesota adopted the SDM system for APS in January 2013, and this session will describe the assessments currently in use and their application within the adult protection workflow.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the structure and purpose of the three SDM assessments implemented in Minnesota
  • Become familiar with the research supporting the SDM system
  • Learn how structured assessments can be used in conjunction with client engagement to improve outcomes.

Presenters: Shannon Flasch, associate director, National Council on Crime and Delinquency; Tammy Gross, senior social worker, Olmsted County, Adult Protection

DHS Sponsor: Jennifer Kirchen (jennifer.kirchen@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

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Supporting Minnesotans Where They Live: A Home Care Update

Horizon Room 204, Harbor side

IINTERMEDIATE - Attendees should have some knowledge of the home care regulations and rules.

Description: Minnesota is nationally recognized as a leader in serving people in their communities with the right service at the right time. During this session lead agencies and home care providers will get updates and learn about best practices that result from successful partnerships between lead agencies, participants, and providers. Speakers and panelists will share best practices regarding:

  • Authorization and coordination of home care services
  • New tools
  • Assessment

Presenters: Jeanine Wilson, supervisor, Diane Benjamin, agency policy specialist, both from DHS, Disability Services Division

DHS Sponsor: Jeanine Wilson (Jeanine.Wilson@state.mn.us)

Target Audience: Home care providers and lead agency staff who authorize homecare services.

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

Transportation: Building Community and Connections

Ballroom 305, Harbor side

INTERMEDIATE - Attendees should have a general understanding of the Complete Streets policy, goals and objectives.

Description: Expanded transportation options is critical in building community, protecting public health, improving quality of life for everyone, and connecting people of all ages and abilities to places that matter. This session will explore strategies to improve safety and expand mobility options for people of all ages and abilities to access community resources regardless of mode (bus, paratransit, bike, scooters, wheelchairs, walker, cane, car pooling, etc.).
Participants will receive:

  • the latest information on the Complete Streets policy, its goals, objectives and how local governments can receive technical assistance, planning tools and project coordination resources
  • background about current policies, strategies, initiatives and resources so that practitioners have a broad range of options to help build their community for all ages of life.

Presenters: Julie Skallman, division director, state aid engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation; Anne White, Union Park District Council (District 13), Saint Paul; Kay Qualley, City of Fridley; Carol Swenson, Karyssa Jackson, both from District Councils Collaborative

DHS Sponsor: Jackie Peichel (jacqueline.s.peichel@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482

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Universal Design: Building for Aging in Place

Gooseberry Falls 1, City side


Description: This seminar will focus on defining and discussing features and benefits of universal and aging in place design in new construction and remodeling for the 50+ housing market. In addition to defining and discussing specific features, topics to be covered include demographics of older adults and the physical effects of aging as they relate to and are affected by the built environment. Also covered will be examples of common barriers and some solutions and options for implementing universal design or environmental modifications in new construction or remodeling.

Presenters: Alissa Boroff, Access Solutions; George Cundy, Cundy-Santine Architects

Target Audience: Healthcare workers, Service providers, Construction professionals, policy makers

DHS Sponsor: Jackie Peichel (jacqueline.s.peichel@state.mn.us)

How to Register: Register online at http://surveys.dhs.state.mn.us/surveylogin.asp?k=136300738482


If you have questions, please contact the Odyssey hotline 1-800-882-6262 or e-mail DHS.Odysseyconference@state.mn.us.

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