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Security Services

Top Priority: Secure the State

As part of MN.IT’s efforts to protect Minnesotans from cyber threats and protect the State’s sensitive data assets, Commissioner Baden’s top priority in 2016 is to implement a new strategic cyber security plan. The Commissioner’s plan will prioritize initiatives for the management, control and protection of assets, including:

  • Proactively managing risk
  • Improving situational awareness
  • Having a robust crisis and incident response
  • Partnering with public and private entities to ensure success

Security Services

MN.IT Services manages all information technology security practices for the State of Minnesota. It is our duty to protect the information entrusted to us by the citizens of Minnesota. While MN.IT exceeds standard security measures, we remain vigilant. We are aware of cyber-criminals who seek to gain unauthorized access to state systems. Because of this, we are on duty all day, every day keeping state data secure.

Many of the services we offer are enabling services. That means they are built-into specific enterprise services that are available to executive branch entities. Other services can be ordered by non-executive branch customers. Find the full listing of Information Security Services here

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