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MN.IT Tactical Plan

The tactical plan is based on the specific five strategies and 14 objectives found in the MN.IT Services Strategic Plan.

The MN.IT Services Tactical Plan, published in October 2012 is based on the strategies and objectives found in the MN.IT Services operational Strategic Plan. The plan takes a holistic look at the entire organization and focuses on a new service strategy that can optimize our services and our workforce to meet the needs of our customers.

The March 2014 Tactical Plan Update for MN.IT Services documents the plans accomplishments to date and prioritizes our work for the next 18 months. The plan will be used by all divisions and agency-based offices to set priorities and action plans.

The projects necessary to implement the plan will undoubtedly require substantial, dedicated resources, and may, in some cases, require a change of priorities at the enterprise and local agency-based office levels in order to get them done. The ultimate changes to service delivery will require new ways of assigning resources within the organization, and, for many, the opportunity for new and exciting career paths.

To learn more about the MN.IT Cloud portfolio portfolio of projects, read the MN.IT Cloud Portfolio Project Descriptions.

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