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Master Contracts Program (SITE) for Eligible Customers

What is SITE and how does it work? 

Seeking IT Expertise, known as the SITE Program, is the successor to the 902TS Master Contract Program. This program is effective from 4/16/2014 to 4/15/2019. SITE is managed jointly by the Minnesota Department of Administration and MN.IT Services.

SITE provides a streamlined approach for state agencies and other governmental units to secure highly-skilled IT-related professional contractors and consultants via a fast and intuitive process. MN.IT manages the contracting and approval process for our customers so they can get consultants on board fast. 

Key features and benefits of the program are: 

  • Advantageous State contract pricing
  • Can be used for work up to $2,000,000
  • Expedited contracts and approvals
  • No need for a formal RFP or informal solicitation; work orders are written against an existing master contract.
  • MN.IT monitors vendor insurance compliance
  • Choose from 17 professional job categories and about 200 vendors

We pre-screen and register vendors with these specific IT specialties:  

  • Analyst
  • Architecture
  • Business Continuity
  • Database Administration/Development
  • Desktop Application & Support
  • Developer/Programmer
  • E-Commerce
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Mainframe Computing
  • Modeling
  • Program/Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security
  • Server Support & Development
  • Systems Analyst
  • Telecommunications
  • Web Application Design & Development
Visit SITE Master Contracts for forms, instructions and more information.

SITE Program Eligibility: Who can use SITE?

This program is available for use by State of Minnesota executive branch state agencies along with other government units eligible under the State’s cooperative purchasing venture (CPV) established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes §16C.03, subdivision 10. Entities eligible to participate under the state’s cooperative purchasing are described in the following Minnesota State Statutes:

  • Minnesota Statutes § 471.59, subd. 1, known as the Joint Powers Act, defines the governmental entities that may participate in the CPV. They include counties, cities, towns, townships, and school districts, as well as certain other entities.
  • Minnesota Statutes § 16C.23 defines entities that are eligible to receive federal surplus property. These entities are now also eligible to participate in the CPV.
  • Minnesota Statutes § 309.50, Subd. 4 defines the charitable organizations that are now eligible to participate in the CPV.
  • Minnesota Statutes § 145.9268, Subd. 1 defines the eligible community clinics that are now eligible to participate in the CPV.
  • Minnesota Statutes § 16C.03, Subd. 10, as amended by Laws of Minnesota, 2007, Chapter 83, Section 1, and Laws of Minnesota, 2007, Chapter 139, Section 1, adds that any entity recognized by another state's statutes as authorized to use that state's commodity or service contracts is now eligible to participate in the CPV.

Entities other than executive branch state agencies must apply to participate in the CPV program prior to utilizing this program if the organization is not already a member. Membership is free! Once you have determined the category under which your organization is eligible, print the CPV Subscription Form, complete it, and send it with any other documentation required to:

Materials Management Division
112 Administration Building
50 Sherburne Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55155

A membership permit number and security access code for the CPV program will be sent to you following receipt of your application.

Try the Decision Tree

With all the options available, it may seem difficult to know which solution is right for your project and your agency. The Materials and Management Division (MMD) offers the Decision Tree an easy to use tool to help you choose the contracting services and process that fits your project.

Getting Started

The request and approval process starts with submittal of required documentation. Reviews and approvals are managed jointly by MN.IT Services and the Materials and Management Division (MMD).

For forms, instructions and information, visit Master Contracts: Getting Started.

If you have questions, need help with or have comments about Master Contracts, please contact us: