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IT Strategic Plan


The State of Minnesota Information and Telecommunications Technology Systems and Services Master Plan is a high-level strategic document revised biennially for the Governor and the Minnesota legislature.

The IT Master Plan is updated and presented at the beginning of each regular legislative session in odd-numbered years. This corresponds to the presentation of the State's operating budgets and assures coordination between policy decisions and the systems investments which enable and support implementation of business direction.

The plan is formulated with input from executive branch agency leadership and IT employees and management. 

2012 Master Plan: Business Needs that drive Information Technology strategies
  • Improve the state’s business climate and quality of life through better government service
  • Simplify the end-user’s experience with government
  • Foster interactive democracy
  • Promote smart government
  • Facilitate government reform
  • Make the State of Minnesota an employer of choice
  • Ensure that government and citizen data is protected and the business of government never stops

Download the complete document:

State IT Master Plan 2012 (PDF)