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MDE Mobile Report Card app improves mobile operability

February 27, 2014
Today, more Minnesotans than ever are using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to access the web. That’s why the MN.IT @ Minnesota Department of Education team has revamped the Minnesota Report Card, a web app that provides important school data to parents and educators. The improved app offers better mobile device functionality and reliability and a better user experience for all users. 

The project builds on the Department of Education’s commitment to empowering citizens, school staff and legislators with accurate and usable data, while making this data more widely available and delivering it more efficiently. The improved web app uses HTML5 technology and a new touch-friendly user interface to ensure compatibility across many different types of devices and web browsers, including mobile phones, tablets and all major desktop platforms. 

In addition to user interface improvements, the team is working to improve maintainability, performance and adhere to best data practice standards. The improvements will ensure the MN.IT @ MDE team can update the app with the most recent data available, while enhancing the data model to support an unlimited number of reports for each school on which MDE collects performance data.

You can try out the new MDE Report Card App at the Minnesota Department of Education website. It's another way the people and technology at MN.IT Services are connecting Minnesotans to state government.