Partners in PolicymakingPartners in Policymaking



I was given the opportunity to become a Partner and this outstanding program opened my eyes to the many different types of disability issues. The training sessions and guest speakers provided an outlook of the necessity for people with disabilities to become active in changing and supporting programs and services that will improve their lives.

The Partners experience has provided me with sound knowledge about disabilities and how to give individuals with disabilities the ability to mature and change their lives and to enable the parents of children to support and meet the challenges facing them.

The time that I spent in Partner was wonderful. I was taught what services are available and how to utilize them. It has given me the confidence and knowledge to stand up for myself and others.

A year or so ago when someone asked me if I had Family Support, I thought they were asking if my parents or family members lived close by. Then I heard about Partners. I applied and what I learned changed my life forever. I now have a family support trainer that does community activities with my son weekly and also respite care so my husband and I have some time together.