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Sandra Barrett — Following Partners Sandra successfully applied for the post of NW regional officer with RADAR. She said that the skills and information from Partners made her the best candidate for the job, She has been an invaluable resource for other Partners, brilliant for networking, and now is one of our presenters on Policymaking at national level session. Sandra is holding regular events of particular interest to Partners. This is helping people get together and strengthen the Partners network in the NW.

Caroline Tomlinson — Caroline works for social services. She runs an inclusive play club for children — her son, Joseph, has a wonderful circle of support, and now uses facilitated communication and goes to mainstream school. Caroline is an inspiration, a good contact to other Partners and a regular presenter on the courses. She has designed a presentation on inclusive play and facilitated communication.

Jane Ball — Jane went on to work with Contact a Family, and now presents a session on her work and how she enabled her daughter to go to mainstream school with her brother.

Hazel Whitfield — Hazel has done lots of 'training' and consultancy since she finished Partners: she has worked with Paul Taylor, at Calderstones (a large institution) giving a presentation to hundreds of people, and assisting Oxana Metiuk with the Partners course in Staffordshire. Hazel attends Partners graduations. She has given out the certificates to Gt. Manchester and Merseyside graduates and has managed to be in all the group photographs. She loves Partners, and loves presenting.

Joan Studdart — Joan is working with 'parents and carer's' in Wirral, and is helping recruit people for both Partners in Policymaking and Sharing the Challenge courses. Joan is developing the history of the parents movement for the Sharing the Challenge course.

Joan Black — Joan has been working with Libby Kitt and others on health issues since her graduation, and has a particular interest in transition policy. Joan has met up with the UK coordinator and Partners from Sefton; they are working with local authorities in the area to help them write a policy on transition.

Jackie Wright — Following a negative experience that her son had, Jackie has been 'educating' priests and others connected to the Catholic church on how to successfully include disabled children and adults in church activities.

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