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"One of the graduates lived in a group home. After graduation, she purchased her own home."

"Partners attended a series of' town meetings around the state. The state agency staff wanted to know if' the coordinator had worked with one witness all day to prepare her. No, we didn't coach her. She's a Partners graduate."

"I was doing piecework at a sheltered workshop. I decided to go back to school to become a secretary. The difference was self esteem. Partners saved my life. I used to be on psychotropic medication. I started asking questions, decided to say no and took control of my life."

"Even though my advocacy efforts have been minimal, I will be forever grateful to Partners, contacts and friends I made will be forever with me"

"Partners gave me the information and encouragement I needed to achieve and do all the things I am doing today. Without their encouragement I probably would not be the Mayor of the city of Elk Point."

"Partners creates self-confidence."

"Partners has allowed me to speak up and helped my self-esteem. It allowed new people in my life."

"Partners gave me the extra confidence to assist me with advocating for children with special needs."

"I have learned to speak up for my kids' rights."

"It makes you feel better about yourself when you complete the program. It helped me to communicate with my family more."

"Partners changed my life. I used to be the mother from hell - - ready for battling with whomever to ensure my daughter received the supports she needed. Partners showed me how to be effective to create a win-win situation. It gave me the confidence I needed to show others the importance and impact of directing your own services."

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