Partners in PolicymakingPartners in Policymaking



New York

Partners are the national guard.

In 1991 -1992 the family support budget was restored. Family support legislation was enacted. Partners are serving on the State Advisory Council.

Having a child with a severe disability was like having a grenade lobbed into the serenity of our family life. Everything in our life exploded. After one weekend of Partners, I came home and said, "We're going out to dinner. " I didn't mind the stares because I'm a member of this great club united, strong, and working for changes.

In 1992, a Partners graduate wrote to Fisher Price to ask why children with disabilities weren't included in the catalog. The company responded by inviting her son, for a photo shoot. Children with disabilities are now regularly included in their catalogs.

Anastasia Somoza was a television star on February 20, 1993 when President Clinton met with 30 children from the United States. Anastasia was the only child to have a disability. She nearly moved President Clinton to tears as she explained how her sister uses a computer to communicate and she wants her to be in the same classroom.

The New York City Public Schools have fought against inclusion.