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I became involved with Partners because I needed to know how to help my son obtain and education in an inclusive setting in the public school in our town.

When I started Partners I was an emotional wreck. Thanks to Partners that has changed.

As the year progressed my focus was not only for my son. I could no longer be complacent about other injustice and prejudice that affect so many other people. I have more knowledge hence more responsibility to educate others and to help remove antiquated ideas people have about disabilities, racial and ethnic prejudices.

I also was taught the importance of having a dream for myself as well as my son.

Jez will be successful in school, choose a career and obtain the education he will need for that career, find his perfect mate, have happy, healthy children, and be a wonderful friend, neighbor, and citizen.

The knowledge I’ve received, the confidence I feel and the new vision and dream I have for my son and myself and our family may not have been possible without what I learned through Partners in Policy Making. The program has made a huge impact on my life.

Partners in Policymaking has been beneficial for myself and for my daughter’s well being. This program has improved and expanded my knowledge in understanding their procedures of IEP’s. With this knowledge my daughter is able to go to Kindergarten. I now have more control in my daughter’s future education and make sure her needs are met.

The program has showed me valuable resources to search for improvements for my daughter and I can be a voice in the legislative process so that there can be improvements for all people with disabilities.

As a 2001 graduate of this program, I can honestly say it is one of the best training programs I have ever taken.

As a professional, I took many classes and workshops to help people with disabilities find and keep employment, develop independent living skills, and help people with disabilities have equal access. None of these classes prepared me to advocate for my own child with a disability. This is where Partners came in.

It is a distinct honor to be a graduate of this program.

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