Partners in PolicymakingPartners in Policymaking



North Carolina

The program gave me a chance to learn more about disabilities and how I can improve the conditions in society by being a part of society. It made me feel important and it also gave me a greater sense of self confidence.

When I think of a Partner, I think of someone who walks with you through thick and thin regardless of the situation.

Partners has opened my potential to be an informed, aggressive advocate for my family and community.

I learned about the different connections you can use to get things done. I enjoy talking to people with the same problems, working together so that things are less difficult.

Partners is an experience that has really changed my life! I feel much more in charge and more able to handle bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo. I am less intimated by people in authority and I finally believe they are neither monsters nor super-heroes, but just people in jobs where they may or may not be doing well. My job now is to keep track of how well they do concerning my interest.