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I am very hopeful for the future. I see my son as happy, educated, meaningfully employed, living independently or with true friends. I see him proudly taking his place in a community which cares about him and accepts him just the way he is.

My focus has been widened beyond my hopes and dreams for his future. I have gained a great deal of insight and knowledge from presentations by experts in many fields: history of disability services, early intervention, inclusion, legal rights, housing, legislative process and lobbying. More important, the enthusiasm and activities of my fellow Partners has been a real inspiration to me.

The American with Disabilities Act is, in my opinion, the greatest thing since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Being both African American and having a disability, these laws have definitely impacted the quality of my life. The sad part is it took amendments to the U.S. Constitution for certain groups of Americans to be treated fairly.