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When I came here I was depressed and I only wanted to get out of the house for the weekend. Now my future is so bright I am going to need sunglasses.

A drop of rain is ineffective and easy to brush away, at Partners I have learned that rain is powerful. It becomes a stream of water that runs into a lake. The lake empties into a river and then goes to the sea. There is no logic in trying to stop the sea. When I speak to someone about my child's needs, I hear the roar of crashing waves and I guarantee, they will hear it too!

Dear Friends: Please send a copy of Action: A Manual to help you organize. If it is possible to send 22 copies, I would be thrilled. If that is not feasible I would be happy for a personal copy. I am currently taking a graduate course on transition and will be giving a session on supported employment. Your materials are wonderful and as a parent, an advocate, and a professional, I do appreciate them. You are also making me want to return North now so that my daughter can receive services there.

    Thank You
    Elizabeth DeSousa