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The Partners in Policymaking mailing list -- -- has been established to facilitate communication among the many participants of the program. The purpose is to provide quick access to sharing important information, issues, concerns, or to respond to questions, requests for help, or other activities. The information exchanged may include: accomplishments, "how to" suggestions, requests for assistance, announcements of conferences, training seminars and related meetings, and public policy alerts. The mailing list is a closed list for use only by the graduates and coordinators of the Partners in Policymaking programs in the United States and internationally.

The activities and use of the mailing list will depend on the involvement of all members. By having a mailing list, the time delays to receive information should be reduced when compared to the Postal Service, the startup of phone trees, and multi-site FAX transmissions. Postings to the ListServ are monitored to assure compliance with the ListServ guidelines. Please remember that when you send mail to the list, it will go to all subscribers, so if you have a need for private correspondence, don't send it through the Partners in Policymaking mailing list.

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe:

To subscribe to the pnpolicy mailing list you need to do the following steps:

  1. Address an e-mail message to:
  2. Type the following in the message area: Subscribe pnpolicy Your name
  3. Send the e-mail message and expect a reply within 48 hours.

If for some reason, you decide you do not wish to receive any more correspondence for the Partners in Policymaking mailing list, you need to send an e-mail message to: -- in the message state-Unsubscribe (this will get you off the list).

Assistance if Needed:

Should you need assistance or have a need for more information, you can contact the list manager by e-mail to: and share your request. If you are new to using e-mail or accessing the Internet and you have questions or would like suggestions to keep the costs of the on-line charges down, you may write to the above e-mail address and receive some guidelines concerning creating mail messages while off line and ways to access your word processor and tools such as spelling and grammar checks.