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Class 34 Partners Graduates Featured on Disabled and Proud, KFAI Radio Program

On May 25, 2017, four Class 34 Partners in Policymaking ® graduates were featured on the KFAI radio program, Disabled and Proud.  They each spoke about why they applied to participate in this leadership training program, their personal experiences, and the many benefits they all received – knowledge gained, communication skills and confidence in advocating effectively about a range of disability issues, and meeting with and educating elected officials on policy issues.

June 1 , 2017

Patrick Connally Interviews

Patrick Connally is president of DREES (Disability Rights, Enforcement, Education, Services), a nonprofit organization in San Rafael, California. In the summer of 2007 he conducted interviews with four individuals influenced by Partners. Use the player below to to listen, or download MP3 files and text transcripts of the interviews at the links below.

DREES logo
J. Paul  Chase: Text transcript
Jayne Chase: Text transcript
Benjamin Snow: Text transcript
Kathie Snow: Text transcript