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That same year, Governor Youngdahl asked the Legislature for space and staff to be added at state institutions in Faribault and Cambridge to ease overcrowding and address the long waiting list.

Governor Youngdahl made nine speeches on mental health and developmental disabilities issues:

With overcrowding the norm and long lists of people awaiting care, state institutions like Cambridge (above) expanded in the early 1950s.
Governor Youngdahl Speeches (PDF Documents)
1948 Mental Health Program Press Release 48-MHP-LWY.pdf
1948 Radio Statement on Mental Health 48-SMH-LWY.pdf
1948 Radio Statement on Mental Hospitals 48-RSM-LWY.pdf
1949 The Challenging New Frontier in Mental Health 49-CNF-LWY.pdf
1949 Statement by Governor Youngdahl at the Burning of Restraints 49-SGL-YOUNGDAHL.pdf
1950 Caring for the Mentally Ill 50-CMI-LWY.pdf
1950 Report on Mental Health Progress 50-RMH-LWY.pdf
1950 The Retarded Child 50-TRC-LWY.pdf
1950 The New Frontier in Mental Health 50-NFM-LWY.pdf