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Many parents, including the parents whose children are currently placed in segregated settings, report the following difficulties when trying to implement an IEP in a less restrictive environment:

  • Appropriate supplementary aids and related services;
  • Appropriate personnel supports and related program modifications for school personnel;
  • Access to general  education curriculum;
  • Appropriate positive behavioral supports  for students with challenging behavior;
  • Teacher preparation neglects to address collaborative practices, positive behavior supports, methods to differentiate instruction and other research-based best practices;
  • Integration of functional skills instruction into the context of a general classroom;
  • Decisions regarding placement continue to be made, not by individual need as required by law, but by placement in "programs" on the basis of:
    • disability label and cognitive level
    • staff availability
    • administrative convenience
  • Low expectation for students;
  • Lack of knowledge of the impact of peers and typical school settings.