Into the New Century: Frustration Mounts. Justice Delayed.

The 21st Century began with an all too familiar set of investigations and complaints about the lack of progress since the original passage of IDEA.

In 2000, National Council on Disability investigators discovered that every state was out of compliance with the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and that U.S. officials are not enforcing compliance.

Even today, schools sometimes place a student in a self-contained classroom as soon as they see that the student is labeled as having a disability. Some students enter self-contained classrooms as soon as they begin kindergarten and never have an opportunity to experience regular education. When families of students with disabilities move to a different district, the new school sometimes moves the student out of general education environments and into segregated classrooms.

Congress reviewed IDEA 1997 and passed IDEA 2004 with a new set of regulations. It said that progress "has been impeded by low expectations and an insufficient focus on applying replicable research on proven methods of teaching and learning for children with disabilities."