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Integration does NOT mean:

  1. "Dumping" students with disabilities into general  programs without preparation or supports. Ongoing supports such as co-planning, Universal Design for Learning, differentiation, accommodations and co-teaching should exist.
  2. Locating special education classes in separate wings at a general  school.
  3. Grouping students with a wide range of disabilities and needs in the same program.
  4. Ignoring children's individual needs.
  5. Exposing children to unnecessary hazards or risks.
  6. Placing unreasonable demands on teachers and administrators.
  7. Ignoring parents' concerns.
  8. Isolating students with disabilities in general  schools.
  9. Placing older students with disabilities at schools for younger children or other non age-appropriate settings.
  10. Maintaining separate schedules for students in special education and general  education.
Children at a bus stop
Photo courtesy Mary Ulrich