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Integration DOES mean:

  1. Educating all children with disabilities in general  school settings regardless of the degree or significance  of their disabilities.
  2. Providing special services within the regular schools and classrooms.
  3. Supporting general  teachers and administrators.
  4. Involving students with disabilities in as many academic classes and extracurricular activities as possible, including math, social studies, language arts, reading, art, music, gym, field trips, assemblies, and graduation exercises.
  5. Arranging for students with disabilities to use the school cafeteria, library, playground, and other facilities along with non-disabled students.
  6. Encouraging friendships and social relationships  students with and without disabilities.
  7. Arranging for students with disabilities to receive their education and job training in general  community environments when appropriate
  8. Teaching all children to understand and accept human differences.
  9. Placing children with disabilities in the same schools they would attend if they did not have disabilities.
  10. Taking parents' concerns and preferences about integration seriously.
  11. Providing an appropriate Individualized Educational Program (IEP).
Child sitting in a chair
Photo courtesy Ann Marsden