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One of the reasons for ongoing court cases, increasingly mounted by people with disabilities themselves, is to ensure that implementation does not grind to a halt. The challenge continues.

In 1972, a federal court ruled that the failure of the District of Columbia school board to provide a publicly-supported education to all children with disabilities cannot be excused by the claim that there are insufficient funds (Mills v Board of Education).

The challenge in the first decade of the new century focused on determining the extent to which rights trump resources.

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Charyl Walsh-Bellville
Lucy Gwin captured the essence of "home" in this 1994 photo essay entitled Home is Where...
Video: In 2005, Dr. Bill Bronston and a few close friends came together, and recounted and reflected on their personal experiences with the closing of Willowbrook. They were the radical leaders of their time. In their struggles, they paid a price for espousing their beliefs and taking the actions they did to dramatically change how care was provided and services were delivered to individuals with developmental disabilities.