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The Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) funded Home of Your Own Demonstration Projects in several states, and then entered into a cooperative agreement that led to the formation of the National Home of Your Own Alliance. The Alliance works to combine person-owned and controlled housing and personalized support to enable all people, including those with the most intensive support needs, to live in homes of their own choosing.

The changing perspectives on family support were reflected and promoted in amendments to the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (P.L. 101-496) on 1990. The Act stated that the purpose of family support services now included strengthening and maintaining the family unit and preventing inappropriate out of home placements.

Effective Strategies for Social Change

Video: Ed Roberts,
widely recognized as the father of the independent living movement, was also deeply committed to the Partners in Policymaking program. He loved to speak to Partners. He traveled across the country to meet Partners participants; and share his personal story, encounters and adventures through service delivery systems. His words of encouragement and inspiration are as meaningful and needed today as they were during his lifetime.
This interview with Ed Roberts, appeared in California Monthly magazine in February 1985, and is a download in PDF format.
Ed Roberts
Ed Roberts and
William Bronston