Adult Programs (cont.)

  • Group residence operated by County Board of Mental Retardation (with advisory committee). 70% from State Developmental Disabilities grant, 20% from the County and 10% from room and board fees.
  • Semi-permanent group home. Operated by local Adult Activity Center, a private non-profit corporation founded by the County Mental Health Board. Licensed as a group home. Funded by grant from State, matched by County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Service Board, with SSI and donations.
  • Permanent residence. Operated by a private, non-profit, multi-service agency for retarded people (a regional center). Licensed by State Department of Health as an ICF/MR.
  • Family Care Residence. Operated as a "private vendor." State Division of Retardation pays for room and board and supervision. (For many years, this type of program has been a popular way for institutionalized people to rejoin society.)
  • Senior Citizen's Group Home. Operated by State Training School.
  • Interdependent Apartment Living. Operated by State Training School


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