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Children's Programs

  • Foster Care and Respite Services through private, non-profit agencies with a variety of funding sources. Respite funded by County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Service Boards, ARC and private agencies, plus fees. The State subsidizes specialized adoption in 36 states.
  • Group Foster Care and Supportive Services: Coordination of the services of a consortium of agencies and programs – YWCA, Crippled Children's Center, Division of Retardation, Department of Health, ARC, Children's Home Society, Public School.
  • Community Residential Training Unit, operated by a Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center (a private non-profit corporation) and funded by a state grant for the establishment of group homes.
  • A children's group residence operated by a University Department of Education, funded through Title 1 and an HEW Staffing Grant. Maintenance costs of residents via State's Office of Developmental Disabilities.
  • A children's group home operated by a family corporation (profit making) licensed as a "family care home." Funding from the State Division of Family Services.
  • A children's residence administered by a non-profit corporation. Licensed as a group home by the State Division of Retardation. Purchase of service contract with Division of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, plus monies from the county mental health/mental retardation board and funds raised by the parent organization.
  • A residential care hostel operated by a non-profit agency (Inter-Agency Residential Services Board for Retarded Citizens), licensed by the State as a residential care home. Funded 80% by State, 20% community welfare funds.
  • A children's group residence operated by a Comprehensive Mental Health Center (a public agency under State Department of Human Resources). Licensed as a group home. Funded by MH Center's operating budget.