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1998 Income Levels

Type of Closure Yearly Income 1998
Extended Employment $2,747
Supported Employment $6,500
Poverty Level for
One-Person Household
Non-Supported Employment $10,064
Federal Minimum Wage $10,712
National Yearly Income for
General Population

(Gilmore, Schuster, and Butterworth, 2000)

Individual working in the community
Photo courtesy Ann Marsden

The challenge of extending supported employment to more people with severe disabilities, however, remained a challenge. In 1991, the research outlined the nature of the problem. Supported employment programs served only a percentage of the population who could benefit from them. A national survey of day and employment programs found that individuals with severe developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy accounted for less than 20% of all the people with disabilities receiving supported employment, work adjustment, and on-the-job training services from state VR agencies.

(Kiernan, McGaughey, Lynch, Schalock, & McNally, 1991).