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The PCMR's other recommendations underscored the dual focus on sheltered environments and competitive work. They also give early support for the concepts of job redesign and modifications.

Man working
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William Bronston, M.D.
  • Many more work experience centers with living facilities (made possible by the Vocational Education Amendments of 1986).
  • Centralized contract procurement for workshops.
  • Greater role for vocational education in meeting education and employment needs.
  • At least 600 new sheltered workshops.
  • More on-the-job training programs.
  • More industry-wide training and employment projects that move beyond service occupations (laundries, hotel, motels, and restaurants).
  • Training projects in broader job fields – data processing, electronics, merchandising, and the arts).
  • Encourage employers to scale down their educational requirements for jobs.
  • Encourage job redesign in both white and blue collar jobs.
  • Do not pay less than prevailing wages in the area, provided people can perform the job satisfactorily.